Xavier Bonilla

Why Is “Latino” Already Inclusive?

The shape of language is agnostic of allegiance. Culture appears to be the determinate trajectory for how language evolves with people through time. It is perpetually in flux, just as the humans who created it.

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Rebecca Grenham

Why Is Anxiety On The Rise?

A significant chunk of the US population is struggling with anxiety, and rates are only trending up. Before COVID-19, anxiety was slowly rising, but rates quickly accelerated once the pandemic and associated prevention measures began.

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Emily Zarevich

Why Is Art Not The Enemy?

A couple of weeks before Halloween, two climate change activists stormed into the London National Gallery with a purpose: to make a statement at the expense of Vincent van Gogh’s “Sunflowers,” one of the Gallery’s

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Chloe Valdary

Why Should We Pursue Nuance?

The word nuance is a French term derived from the word “nuer,” meaning shade or subtlety. I think this is so beautiful. A painter who can capture shade on the canvas has been blessed because

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Eric Shapiro

Why Are We So Afraid of Clowns?

When the slap happened at The Oscars in March, I felt it was a culmination point in terms of comedy. I was navigating the dimensions: horrified by Will Smith’s actions, impressed by Chris Rock’s composure,

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