Aaliyah Humphrey

Why is Depression in TV Shows Normalized?

Depression is one of the most prevalent mental health conditions. As a New Yorker, I’ve witnessed the gloominess during the lockdown. Times Square was shut down, and millions of homeless people were stranded. I’ve even

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Michele Carroll

Why Do We Need A News Diet?

I don’t envy Gen Z. Okay… maybe a little. I’ll admit, there’s a tinge of bitterness over how it took us millennials years to learn what “Z-ers” have absorbed in weeks or months. They’ll never

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Oluwaseun Famoofo

Why Do We Humanize Ourselves?

Years ago, I remember my neighbor’s car caught on fire. His cries for help saved him. Other neighbors, including my father, frantically filled buckets with detergent to help kill the flames. This display of empathy,

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Brittany Talissa King

Why Black American is an ethnicity, a triumph story!

As Black History Month is commemorated, the question, “Why Should We Celebrate Black History Month?” seems less and less rhetorical as our cultural conversations become more divided. Currently, there’s a public debate on whether this

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Xavier Bonilla

Why Is “Latino” Already Inclusive?

The shape of language is agnostic of allegiance. Culture appears to be the determinate trajectory for how language evolves with people through time. It is perpetually in flux, just as the humans who created it.

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