Chloe Valdary

Why Should We Pursue Nuance?

The word nuance is a French term derived from the word “nuer,” meaning shade or subtlety. I think this is so beautiful. A painter who can capture shade on the canvas has been blessed because

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Eric Shapiro

Why Are We So Afraid of Clowns?

When the slap happened at The Oscars in March, I felt it was a culmination point in terms of comedy. I was navigating the dimensions: horrified by Will Smith’s actions, impressed by Chris Rock’s composure,

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Brittany Talissa King

Why Is the Non-Violent Strategy Practical?

July marked two years since the passing of American hero and Congressman, John Lewis. Before he held office in D.C., Lewis was the budding chairman of S.N.C.C. (Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee) turned central leader in

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